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Instagram alone 44% of its users (that's just under 1 billion users as of 2022) use the platform to shop for products and 28% of those shopping activities are pre-planned.

Execute your dreams

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But most importantly never give up

Yes this is me above I certainly prefer being behind the lens rather that in front of it. This is the part were I am supposed to tell you some thing interesting about myself but in reality I always have trouble writing these things. I have a friend who's only advice was "treat it like a dating profile" WHAT! I have never done one of those so yeah no help but thanks. This is my take on this section so please excuse me while I dribble on.

Hello and very nice to e-meet you. My name is Michael Hogg and I am a product photographer currently based in Bonnyrigg (just out side of Edinburgh) in Scotland UK. With my wife and our little hellraiser who is 5 and think she rules the house. My photography journey started when our daughter was born. I had always admired photographs and thought wow how do the photographers take these cool images and make such amazing photos. Never did I thought that I would begin this journey. So my daughter was born and I wanted to capture her first moments in life so I purchased my first camera that was a nikon coolpix bridge camera. This was good enough for me at the time for taking photographs of my daughter making her way though her first days month and year of life. As I found myself never leaving the house without my camera afraid to miss a moment I started finding myself taking photographs of more things than just my little family from landscapes to wildlife as the camera had an impressive zoom. Lets skip a year or so....

By now I found myself enjoying photography more and more and soon purchased my second camera again a bridge camera as I was enjoying the impressive zoom that they had only difference was this one could shoot in raw format and had full manual controls. So I began learning how to use a camera on manual and found myself falling in love with the craft that is photography. And so this is when my journey takes a wee turn for me as I found myself getting quite a few positive comments and lots of likes on my social media. I took the jump and invested in a DSLR camera and the rest is history really. I started dipping my toes into the professional photography world. Spending hours and hours on youtube, photographers websites, and reading blogs learning everything I could along the way. To be able to take what I love doing and putting it out there is amazing and I have always been the type of shy person that likes to run under the radar but I have opened the box and I am ready to well lets say just run with this.

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